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Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here. I love 3DG. I've been a fan since I heard "I Hate Everything About You". Then I basically had to go and get their CD then. My favorite song is "Burn" and I was so excited that I found a community with that name. I think that today I'm gonna grab some 3DG pics off the web today and make some icons and stuff. I can't tell you exactly when they'll be up, but they will be some time in the future. That's all I can say. Until then...later!

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welcome! If you are a maker of icons go ahead and join the community __rockmygraphix Its a rock music graphics community
hey, welcome! ohhh i cant wait for their sequel to come out! i loooove 3DG. personally, my favorite song is "wake up". im glad ur a fellow icon maker, too! :)